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Small Publishers/EXCHANGETM

Small Publishers! - Join /EXCHANGETM
Trade Over the Web - Just Like the Large Publishers

B2B E-Commerce for Small Publishers
PubEasy.com/EXCHANGETM enables small publishers to launch a full-featured B2B e-commerce web site and join the leading global e-marketplace used by thousands of booksellers from over 110 countries.

The Hosted Solution
The /EXCHANGETM hosted service makes it simple for small publishers to easily deploy a PubEasy web site without a high investment in hardware and software, system maintenance, IT staff and telecommunications. Our step-by-step installation pack ensures quick installation with minimal technical know-how.

Join /EXCHANGE and the PubEasy Global e-Marketplace

Increase your Direct Business
/EXCHANGETM provides booksellers with the ability to access your titles and place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the PubEasy e-Marketplace.

Now you can trade electronically without EDI and with booksellers all around the world.

By launching an /EXCHANGE web site, booksellers can access your list for:

  • Title, price and availability search capabilities
  • Order Placement
  • Links to your title and marketing web pages
  • Custom publisher and bookseller e-Catalogs
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities
Expand your Global Reach
Reach new markets and obtain worldwide visibility for your titles on the /EXCHANGETM service. Over 8,500 registered booksellers from across the world login to the expanding PubEasy Affiliate Community of  publishers, distributors and wholesalers.

Eliminate Routine Order Processing and Customer Service Costs

  • Electronic exchange of files 
  • Eliminates re-keying of data 
  • Reduces routine telephone inquiries, which enhances turn-around time for 
    order fulfillment
Please contact your PubEasy representative for more information at PubEasy.Support@nielsen.com.

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