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Central Services

Central Services offers publishers, distributors and wholesalers exposure to a
global universe of potential clients, while increasing the ease in which this
business is conducted.

Book retailers access registered PubEasy Affiliates via a single-password login.
Upon login these booksellers are identified and their trading terms/preferences
are automatically tracked and applied. They can then view the status of all orders,
track orders and obtain current availability information around-the-clock from anywhere.
Providing PubEasy Affiliates with the increased title exposure and reduced customer inquiry

Login now or learn how to access and do business with booksellers located throughout
the world by contacting us at PubEasy.Support@nielsen.com (North America) PubEasyUK.Support@nielsen.com (UK).

Want to learn more about Central Services? Then take a look at the full set of features
and benefits it offers below and
view an online demo.

Please note: This demo requires Power Point. If you do not have
Power Point please download the viewer for free using the links below:

Microsoft Download         Macintosh Download

Features & Benefits

  • Central Title Availability Information: Demystifies inventory levels
    on Affiliate titles for their customers

  • Quick Keyword Searches: Allows booksellers to search for titles,
    subjects and authors giving Affiliate titles maximum visibility

  • Electronic Purchasing: Reduces operating costs traditional means
    (phone and fax requests) incur

  • Complete Order Status: Provides Affiliates and their customers with
    a view of all orders, regardless of whether they are placed online or through
    traditional methods, with tracking information for complete customer satisfaction

  • Full Information Accessibility: Supplies booksellers full knowledge on title
    availability avoiding restricted title, order placement confusion

  • Complete Integration: Merges PubEasy functionality with bookseller retail
    inventory management (POS) systems so that all sales touch points are reached

  • Personalized Settings: Conforms to Affiliate and booksellers existing trading
    terms and/or preferences to increase order and inquiry efficiency

  • Standardized Interface: Simplifies interactions by providing one standardized
    method for publishers to conduct business with multiple booksellers

  • E-Catalog Creation: Customizes catalogs based on bookseller wants providing
    a customer loyalty channel for Affiliates

  • Customer Focused Support Staff: Improves services upon feedback
    and are dedicated to finding solutions for publisher needs

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Offers Affiliates with detailed metrics on who is
    ordering from them and how much they are ordering

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