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TRANSACT™: High-volume Internet processing

"Transact is a high speed and efficient method of sending a large number of orders very quickly. We can send orders of hundreds of lines to all our shops - and receive acknowledgments - in minutes. Since we implemented the new Pubeasy Transact service, we have been able to go from a state of not knowing when a book will arrive to knowing with pinpoint accuracy the progress of a title in the supply chain. Transact doesn't use proprietary software, so we were able to fully integrate it into our central database system, making it appear transparent to the user."

Martin Hearn, Methvens (samedaybooks), England

"The new Transact service provided by PubEasy is just what we have been praying for. It enables us to transmit orders and receive immediate reports electronically. This saves us hours of staff time spent chasing publishers about urgent orders for our Library Customers."

Harold Wilkin, Rondo, Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you are a bookseller who needs to process high-volume inquiry, ordering and order tracking direct with your suppliers domestically and internationally, TRANSACT™ is for you. TRANSACT is FREE for booksellers.

TRANSACT lets you access title, price and availability information stored in your suppliers' inventory and fulfillment system. The information is always up-to-date, your orders are rapidly acknowledged and processed and your order status inquiries are checked against real-time information. TRANSACT enables the electronic transfer of information between your system and suppliers’ systems 24/7.

PubEasy leverages the Internet and uses innovative technology for "batched" inquiry and order processing that you cannot find anywhere else today. TRANSACT is an efficient alternative to EDI.


TRANSACT allows you to "batch" multiple order lines, titles inquiries or order reference numbers in one file and receive a fast response. Most traditional EDI systems do not support availability and order status inquiries.

  • Export a list of ISBNs from your POS system or create a list in a text document
  • Upload the secure file to your web browser or send it via email to the PubEasy publisher of your choice to check price and availability, check order status or place orders
  • You will receive acknowledgment that your file has been received and your request will be processed rapidly
  • View the response with a web browser or upload the file and update your system with
    new information

Integration with Inventory Management Systems
TRANSACT can integrate securely with any POS system, regardless of size. Start using TRANSACT to export and import information to your system and eliminate errors due to manual entry.

Access to Real-time Information
TRANSACT pulls information directly from publisher’s systems, which means all information is current. TRANSACT works 24/7, so you can obtain title information and place orders at your convenience, reducing reliance on suppliers' business hours.

Cost-effective Solution
TRANSACT provides a simple, time-saving and cost-effective solution for trading electronically with multiple suppliers.


  • Risk free
    /TRANSACT requires only a web browser or email. You don't need to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software. There is no charge at all for booksellers to use the service.
  • Fast, efficient processing
    Fast acknowledgment of file receipt reduces time spent chasing orders and inquiries
  • Elimination of repetitive data entry
    Electronic exchange of files ensures that information is entered into a system only once, thereby eliminating the possibility of error and speeding business transactions. TRANSACT reduces your reliance on costly and time-consuming telephone calls and faxes to customer service.
  • Customized e-business for booksellers
    TRANSACT is designed specifically to facilitate electronic communications between booksellers and suppliers of all sizes and was developed in consultation with booksellers and publishers.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are already a PubEasy user, you don’t need to do anything else. Access the Affiliate site you want, and click on "TRANSACT" on the main menu.

If you are a bookseller who is not yet a PubEasy user, click here to REGISTER for the service. PubEasy is free for booksellers. You will receive your password and User ID via email.


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