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PubEasy and Batch – Integration and Links

What is Batch?

The batch.co.uk service is wholly owned by The Booksellers Association of the UK and Ireland. The service has been designed to help the book trade reduce overheads in the supply chain by improving communication between suppliers and their customers and providing organisations of all sizes the opportunity of the advantages of trading electronically.

Batch (Invoice Payment System) is a free service for booksellers that enables them to:

  • Make a single payment for all their suppliers
  • View invoices online before the books arrive, and print copies if required
  • Make claims online, eg. where goods are damaged

Batch Returns offers an online channel for UK booksellers to electronically submit return requests and receive back authorisation of those requests within hours.

Both Batch (Invoice Payment System) and Batch Return services are offered to retailers at no charge and registration information is available online at www.batch.co.uk.

Batch and PubEasy Integration and Linking

Batch and PubEasy are working together to create a seamless user experience between the two services.

UK PubEasy members can connect to the Batch (Invoice Payment System) and Batch Returns websites via active links located on the navigational bars on PubEasy and PubEasy Central Services.

To initiate the service, go to the PubEasy Central UK site and choose the "Batch Profile" option in the navigation bar. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your Batch login details.

Once you have logged in, you can seamlessly transfer to Batch for invoice authorization and payment. You can also switch from Batch back to PubEasy without needing to log-in again.

Seamless integration from Central Services

You can now switch directly between viewing order details in UK PubEasy Central Services to viewing invoice and payment details in Batch.

((Individual UK affiliates will be adding this functionality to their PubEasy home pages over the next few months.))

Here’s how it works (note: you will be prompted to log-in to both PubEasy and Batch at the beginning of each session)

Start by finding an orderClick on the 'Invoice Advice Note' for the order you're interested inReview invoice details in Batch; then click on the invoice number ...... to switch back to order details in PubEasy

Here is what users are saying!

“We're really looking forward to having access to Batch through PubEasy. We already use PubEasy to track orders, and being able to view invoices online will save us a lot of time having to call publishers and wait for invoices to arrive by fax. It'll also keep us informed of exactly where our deliveries are, allowing us to get books to our customers as quickly as possible,” said Ruth Elder from Blackwell Bookshop in London.


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