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Tell a Friend

Tell a Friend!
Thousands of booksellers around the world are using PubEasy to speed communications 
with their suppliers.  We work hard to let retailers know about PubEasy and you can help too!

Let one of your bookselling colleagues know about PubEasy - send them an email and ask 
them to register. 

Tell a Supplier!
Retailers often ask us why Supplier X, Y or Z isn't on PubEasy. We are actively speaking 
with many publishers, distributors and wholesalers about joining PubEasy.   When they hear 
that their customers want them to launch a PubEasy site, it sends a powerful message.  So, 
here are two ways you can help.

  1. Ask your sales representative if they plan to join PubEasy.  Send them an email and 
    copy us!
  2. Complete this form with the names of the three suppliers you'd most like to see on 
    PubEasy.  We'll let them know!



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